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Cod Fritters

In ELBA we have a Pasta Artesana de Buñuelos thanks to which we do not have to prepare any kind of ingredient for pasta and it's much simpler, but we also explain how to prepare the pasta step by step to make your own cod fritters.


Ingredients to make cod fritters:


- 200 grams of desalted and crumbled cod

- 1 garlic

- 1 egg

- Fresh parsley

- 1 tablespoon of royal yeast

- 140 grams of wheat flour

- Saffron and a touch of coloring

- 150 ml of water


How to make cod fritters:


1.- It is an easy recipe to make, so the first thing is to mix the cod with the garlic, the chopped parsley, the saffron, the flour and the yeast. We put a tad of salt if we see it necessary.


2.- We mix very well until everything is integrated.  


3.- Fry in abundant hot oil. We take with a soup spoon and drop a little of the dough into the oil. The ball will form itself while it is fried. Let the oil drain on absorbent paper.



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