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...diseño en bacalao

How to desalt correctly salted cod

To enjoy a good cod we have to desalt it properly. How to do it ...?


In a bowl we will keep cod completely covered with water for a minimum of three days always in the fridge. During these days we WON'T change the water. Cod act like a sponge and absorb water. This hydration is the process through which will achieve a smooth and mellow texture.


From this point we start the process of salting and changing the water for three days every 24 hours. If we want to accelerate this process we can change the water more times in a few hours. To be sure that you are in the right spot we will test salt before cooking.


It is advisable to drain well the product overnight in the fridge and cook it dry before using absorbent paper.


As this is a process that lasts a few days we can reserve perfectly once the wrap portions drained one by one in plastic food in the freezer.


This fish gives us the opportunity to make this process without changing the texture upon thawing.





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