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Iceland Responsible Fisheries

The waters of Iceland, in which warm and cold ocean currents join and mix, offer exceptional conditions for the development of fishing activity. Icelandic fishing areas produce healthy and highly sought after products around the world for their quality and freshness, including cod.


The Icelandic fishing industry covers the demands of buyers who demand sustainable use of the sea resources through the Iceland Responsible Fisheries program, developed on the basis of national legislation and international agreements.


The Iceland Responsible Fisheries logo (Icelandic Responsible Fisheries) indicates the Icelandic origin of the products and the responsible management of the fisheries. Operators of fishing vessels, processors, trading companies and buyers of Icelandic marine products can use the logo to identify the origin of the commodity and maintain market confidence in Icelandic fish and shellfish.


Companies that are part of the value chain of Icelandic marine products may apply for authorization to use the origin logo in their business activities. Companies holding the chain of custody certificate may request the use of the certification mark.


The registration fee applies to both logos. Iceland's seafood exporters pay an annual participation fee. This fee is intended to cover the marketing and promotion tasks, especially aimed at overseas buyers, in addition to the cost of certification and day-to-day operations. The payment of the audit for the certification of the chain of custody is agreed with the issuing entity. That is why Elaborados del Bacalao S.L. Uses this logo to identify the origin and maintain the trust as a company dedicated to the commerce of cod.


Participation in the Responsible Fisheries program in Iceland offers great benefits as it provides promotional and promotional material as well as various kinds of assistance in promoting Icelandic origin and responsible fisheries. Coordinated promotional efforts translate into a more effective marketing of Icelandic marine products and a better image at the international level.


Through FAO, the international community has defined all that implies the effective management of fisheries. The Code of Conduct and Guidelines on eco-labeling of foodstuffs provides the criteria to be applied. The requirements that are established for the certification of a fishery are the following:


• Adoption and implementation of a structured fishery management system, with the aim of limiting the total annual catch (CTA) of fish, so that it meets the levels allowed by the competent authorities.  


• Verification that fish stocks are not depleted, carried out through scientific research and the evaluation of international experts.  


• Implementation of an effective legal and administrative framework for the fishery, guaranteed through effective observation, monitoring, control and enforcement mechanisms.  


• Application of a specific method that limits the effects of fishing on the ecosystem. In other words, the certification confirms the responsible management of the fishery, as well as the attention and treatment that the marine resources deserve.  






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