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We import this remarkable fish that we owe so much to, especially during the more difficlt post-war years, from Iceland. We are convinced that it is in this country where we find the best producer, a figure who we often forget but who is the key to obtaining the "emblem" of consistency that we strive for n our products and make us worthy of our slogan "ELBA... design in cod."


Once the product arrives at our plant, it will wait its turn to be cut into one of the many references we have, following strict parameters as regards size and thickness. This is a particular job that demands experience, but under the managment and rigor of a highly recognised nami in this sector, as is that of Juan Armengol, we have come to design a wide range of cuts, adapting ourselves to the demands of the market as well as to the requirements of our clientele. This is one of the many reasons that ELBA manufactures at home in Spain rather than abroad.

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