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Iceland "Atlantic" Fillets

Name: Iceland "Atlantic" Fillets
Code: 9024 - 9025 - 9023

Species: Cod (Gadus Morhua)
Origin: Iceland

Ingredients: Cod, water and salt.

Content: 11 kg.

Net drained weitght: 8,800 kg.

Catch area: Subzone V: Iceland and Faroes Grounds.

Type of fishing: Lines and hooks, gill nets and similars
 Single Frozen, skin on, light salted.


Raw Material Size: 1000/+   500/1000   200/500
Approx. dimensions:
Length: Variable
Width: Variable
Thickness: Variable

Bones: YES
Approx. grammage: Variable


Presentation: 11 Kg. / Caja
Composition of European Pallet: 60 Boxes
Composition of Icelandic Pallet: 80 Boxes

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